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Stolen Security Deposit

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My roommate and I had a 12 month lease in Maryland. We both gave $100 each toward the refundable security deposit. We both have equally shared the rent and bills for that time and never had a problem. Both of our names were on the lease and when the time came to move out of the apartment, she left the cleaning for me to do. We both gave our addresses to the leasing office to forward the security deposit after the standard 30-45 day wait (Law in MD). The leasing office assured me that both of our names would be on the check so we would both need to be present to get the deposit back. 45 days passed and I contacted the corporate office to find that the security deposit had been sent to my roommates address with both our names on the check. The amount of the check was for $156.00 b/c she had a bleach stain on the carpet in her room. Her bank allowed her to cash the check without my being there and my roommate refuses to give me my half $100 of the deposit. I currently live in NC so I do not know what to do. The corporate office gave me an affidavit to fill out so that they can do an investigation. I'm not sure if this is fraud, or criminal. Please help.

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