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Do I have to leave these things behind when I move?

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My landlords (who are relatives) told us when we moved into this house (it was their vacation house) that they didn't want anything that was in the house and that it was ours to keep, throw out, or whatever as they had already taken whatever they wanted. A lot of things have happened since then, including their going back on a lot of things they had originally told us, that led us to deciding to move. So now we are moving in a week and a half, and they are in the process of selling the house.

Now they are telling us that there are certain things we have to leave here.

One is my clothes dryer. When I moved in here, the one they had wasn't working well, so we threw it out and hooked up one of our own. Now that we are moving and they are selling this house, they are telling us that we have to leave the dryer here. According to them, we legally either have to leave it here or replace it with another one. Is that true?

Also, there is a garbage can enclosure that we built for the outside (cemented to the ground) so that the bears wouldn't get in our garbage. We have someone who wants to buy it from us, so we planned to take it down and sell it to them, but my relatives are also saying that legally we can't take it down since it is an existing structure and it would be considered destruction of property. It wasn't an existing structure when we moved in. We paid for the materials and we built it. Do we have to leave that here?

Thank you for any help you can offer in this matter.

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    • If the cement work is freestanding and NOT bolted to the house NOR mounted to any kind of footings it may not be considered a permanent feature , SEE if you installed a cieling fan or a new faucet those things are considered part of the property . the dryer well I guess if you go find a 50.00 dryer that looks fair that might be one way to get them to be quiet about it . If you would have tucked the junk dryer away and left it there then you really would be giving them back their dryer .
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