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claiming untitled land

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From: Greg Email: dswanger.realestatelaw.todaysummary.com.buncombe.main.nc.us

Subject: claiming untitled land [home steading]

There is some land close to me which is undeeded.Itis on the county maps but has no owner and no taxes have ever been paid on it.How can I gain title to it? It is in n.c. thanks

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    • From: Lynn Email: cabininpines.realestatelaw.todaysummary.com.email.msn.com

      Subject: RE: claiming untitled land [home steading]

      I should think that you could get that information at your town or city hall. Its possible that the town or state owns it if no taxes have been paid on it, but your town hall can give you that info. Check with them.

      #1; Mon, 11 Oct 1999 16:12:00 GMT